‘Made with Real Butter’; our cornerstone concept for the brand refresh of Coffee Table Delights - A biscuit company that bakes additive and preservative-free cakes.
Retaining the company’s asymmetrical emblem in the logo for brand cohesion, we reduced the colours for a minimal, clean and modern look. We enclosed the emblem in a symmetrical shape that not only carries through to stationery, gift cards and signage but also emphasises the asymmetrical emblem.
For the comfort of the familiar, we converted the existing rippled edge of the brand into stripes, ubiquitous amongst popcorn packaging and the circus. We used this as a supporting element that was eye-catching in store and added colour blocks to the logo, anchoring the brand components and giving a theme of tradition through the image of a classic French bakery shop awning.
We introduced three new brand fonts and allocated them to specific use scenarios such as product titling, product naming and of course the “Made with Real Butter” statement. Customer communication material and copy was simplified and unified.

We refreshed Coffee Table’s stationery, renovated their shop front and exterior, designed new delivery van graphics and embarked on a journey of redesigning their existing products and packaging. (Original logo, credit Coffee Table Delights).
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