I love sharing special moments with friends and family over a perfect cup of coffee/tea or a cold beer. I am a passionate product designer and during one of these moments in 2012, decided to embark on what has been an 8-year journey to design the perfect double wall glass cup.

The problem I have with current double wall glassware is the trade off you get from having the benefits of a double wall. The double glass makes the base thick and therefore difficult to hold, the rim thick and therefore difficult to drink.

From years of trial and error, I have finally solved these problems through design by introducing a thin gradient base that angles up and then curves in for drinking. This unique shape offers the benefits of a double wall with the ergonomics of a regular angled cup. I passionately believe this to be the perfect double wall glass.
The double wall Borosilicate glass is light and the sides are angled making the base narrow for an easy natural hold.
The rim is sculpted for comfort and easy natural drinking. Dishwasher safe, with just over an 8oz/237ml capacity. Choose your favourite hot or cold drink & enjoy.
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