The objective was to design a cup specifically with thehands in mind. Not intending the cup to look like the typical mug/handle style,its form results from the unique rim that is a gentle place for your lips torest while sipping. The angle stems from the space between the two porcelainwalls and production requirements. The tapered wall allows for a comfortablegrip. Each cup is high temperature glazed and finished in glossy white.
The cup’s package results from being true to the product’sform. Holes in three sides with a white circular boarder around each hole areactually an interpretation of viewing the porcelain cup from above. It wasimportant that the customer also get to see and feel porcelain through the box.

As the cups are plain white, the package serves to attractthe eye via panels of color. The pantone colors for the package were selectedas if they were intended for the cups, so as to create more relevant feel. Theoverall trapezoidal shape of the package shares similarity with the classic fastfood noodle boxes. This whether a good or bad thing does actually reinforcethat the product is food/drink related.
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