Filament Coffee, bespoke cold brew coffee brewers, needed to engage with their customers from the coffee keg to serving.
Filament asked me to design a keg collar that could anchor to their cold brew coffee kegs and have their customers interact with the collars while receiving tips on setup in their stores, hotels and cafes.
It was important that the first interaction with the kegs was guided by the instructions on the collar so that even first time customers understood how to set up the kegs and connect them to cold brew serving taps for that on-tap cold brew experience.
So we designed a card structure and graphic layout for the necessary information. Each collar is diecut to fit Filament’s coffee kegs and latch down with the keg’s steel collar. They are folded and perforated so as to read like a booklet or greeting card and have a tear-out flavour card for display on the coffee taps.
We created several colours, some blank, so as to switch between seasonal flavours and varieties. The cards are printed in full colour, use no plastic and are recyclable as paper.
Logo and branding credit: Filament Coffee.
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