Biscuit company, Coffee Table Delights saw a gap in the market and decided to make a classic Russian/New Zealand invented, Aussie dessert - the Pavlova. This was to sell in selected retailers and smaller boutique stores, but they soon realised they needed new packaging and an elegant solution that protected the fragile meringue bases as well as presented the newly designed branding.
We started off thinking of the retail environment and how the sides of the meringue are fragile as well as being round. It did not sit well on the shelves or present information effectively via sticky labels or tags. It was also important that the bases could be as visible as possible.
So we designed a no worries, low cost single diecut corrugate sheet, with four folding side panels. The panels present the necessary product information and the semi-rigid pack structure protects the bases from all sides, including the rounded corners which extend past the perimeter. The final pack is retail ready, presents the highly visible Pavlova base on a bed of silver foil, is printed with 1 spot colour and is finished and anchored by a ribbon that provides support and a touch of elegance to the dessert.

The pack is designed to be recycled as cardboard with no plastic laminates or added glue. The shrink wrap can be recycled as soft plastics in Australia, while the ribbon could be reused.

As part of the opening experience we included some fun messaging on the back and put a recipe idea inside under the Pavlova base.
So the next time you are shopping and need some “Pav-love” look for this quick, classic, handmade dessert and “Pav it Up!”
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