Play Chips
Play, Build, Develop
Originally developed to achieve play through discovery and use of sustainable materials;
Play chips are designed to be fabricated out of most sheet materials, preferably reprocessed or re-used sheets or from virgin bamboo and locally grown and fabricated sheet material.

The interlocking slots is not a new idea, in fact many toys, furniture and other laser cut products have incorporated that method for joining components. The objective was to make a simple product accessible to people, so that they may build upon the chips and create their own products and settings.
Play chips are intended for manufacture in which ever location they are required, thus reducing shipping pollution and cost. The laser cut pattern is easily sent internationally and is ideal for quick fabrication for schools and community centres worldwide. The scaled pattern can be reproduced as large panels for interiors and architectural elements.

As a spinning toy on a string, construction game, interior partition or drink coasters, Play Chips are a versatile product for playing, building and developing. For children, teenagers and adults, Play Chips encourage thought, interaction and awareness of our surroundings.

Play chips were exhibited at Tokyo Design Week 2010, courtesy of Designboom Mart. At the mart I collaborated with Fab Lab Japan to produce the chips and other items out of onsite scrap materials.
The pattern is open source and can be downloaded from Fab Lab Japan.
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