MUSE Design Award 2022 GOLD WINNER & New York Product Design Awards 2022 SILVER WINNER for packaging design
The Home is Where the Plant Lives…
The Home Plant Co engaged me to design a new pack for their specialty indoor plant potting mix to differentiate from their competition and add customer value.

Inspired by watering cans, I proposed a potting mix dispenser
with similar form and function.
Drawing from their existing brand, I created an new eye-catching pack that functions as an efficient container and dispenser of their 6L potting mix. The design is flat pack, quick to assemble and has a lid on top to load in the potting mix’s resealable bag.

Once closed, users can comfortably carry the pack in a natural position, via the double walled handle towards the top on the side making it easy to pour the potting mix into pots. The handle can be overlapped with other packs for nesting during shipping.
The perforated top can be torn away and the resealable bag unzipped for use and then resealed for storage.

I featured part of their logo (logo credit: Joanne Tapodi) as a diecut window with a vertical layout resulting in a standout design.

The Home Plant Co now offers customers, an all-in-one retail presentation, carry pack, dispenser and storage pack. It’s printed in three spot colours and is recyclable as cardboard with the resealable bag being recyclable as soft plastic.
So the next time your potting, grab a potting mix dispenser and feed your plants just like watering the garden.
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