"A Cool Chocolate Place"
“Thermos - Choc Mate” 
Chocolate is best stored between 15 and 18 degrees celcius.

That’s a tough one for commuters, hikers and travelers who enjoy a pieceof chocolate on the go. Aside from breaking, it is a challenge to keep yourchocolate from melting.

Transform the stainless steel thermos vacuum flask, for keeping liquidsat constant temperatures, into a thermos for chocolate – that’s Choc Mate.
Choc Mate protects your chocolate bars and slabs while maintaining the ideal temperature. Choc Mate is portable, slides in and out of backpacks and purses with ease, and is comfortable to hold.
Choc Mate is an elliptical cylinder. The form is a result of a fine balancing act between having enough room for the vacuum sealed wall space and catering to different sized chocolate while being compact.

The silicone lid doubles as a seal and a soft grip for easy access.

In case you’re wondering, Choc Mate is not available for purchase in stores, so you’ll have to eat your chocolate before it melts :)
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