Thomas Haas, renowned chocolatier and pastry chef, is celebrating a decade of handcrafted surprise and delight. When this master of his craft put the call out to design his 10-year bar pack, we were inspired to wrap his magic into the package design.

Fittingly, we planned a 10cm x 10cm chocolate bar box and arranged with GLBC to do the structure of the tray and sliding jacket
In approaching the surface design, our strongest influence was the multitude of textures, patterns and decorative components that grace Thomas Haas patisseries and chocolate selection. Customers have come to expect them as an integral part of the Thomas Haas experience. We set out to celebrate, in a single pack, the essence of Thomas' work.
In this spirit, each line was hand drawn and interwoven with the next, weaving together a full front panel of illustration. Overlaid is the number 10 in a generous wrapping that crosses over the top panel.

Thomas has created a different flavour of filled chocolate for each month of his special 10th year, so we made provisions for a clear sticky label on the front and back panels for product name and ingredients.
The packs are finished in silver metallic ink and pantone black, with silver foil over the embossed 10. Given the intricacy of the print, the production team chose a silver foil stock - printing directly onto it. The tray features a single colour pattern wrapping over white.

It didn’t take ten years to make the pack, but we hope you treasure it for as long as Thomas Haas keeps making magic!0
PHOTOGRAPHY: courtesy of Thomas Haas
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