A shopping bag with a "chocolate meter"
Setting out to design a new shopping bag for Thomas Haas Chocolates and Patisserie,
I asked the question: What is inside a Thomas Haas shopping bag?
Thomas specified that aside from being a functional bag, it should be fun, and if possible, include cut
outs as decoration in the walls of the bag.

We went through a myriad of variations. Eventually we settled on a slanted profile over the square
panels on the previous bags. Thomas’ signature brown was used as the flood colour. We included on the
inner rim, his customized “re-use, refill, return, recycle” symbols, originally designed for the Chocolate
Sparkle Cookies tray. The Thomas Haas coco flower (credit Thomas Haas), was stylized and applied to
the sides. In addition, it was offset from one panel to create viewing flow around the bag, and include
decoration on one of the gussets.
Still trying to find the “fun” and include some cut outs, I repeated that first question:
What is inside a Thomas Haas shopping bag?

The answer was obvious: “A little chocolate”, in the small bag, “Lots of chocolate” in the medium bag,
and “Tons of chocolate” in the large bag. Hence a cut out as a “chocolate meter”!

With the help of the Thomas Haas staff, we decided to locate the “chocolate meter” on one of the
gussets; more subtle than on the front panel, and more durable in that position.

So… the next time you shop at Thomas Haas Chocolates and Patisserie…
fill your bag with a little, lots or tons of chocolate and check your meter!
Carrying chocolate in the mouth does not count :)
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