HANDMADE PACKAGING MOCKUPS & PRINT SAMPLES  -  A glimpse of handmade packaging mockups and printed samples. Many of these mockups were made prior to production as verification that the package design was performing as intended. (Structural Package Design)
X CAP - hat with light - Substituted a real hat with a package, enabling it to hang, present and create an in-store billboard effect. (Structural Package Design & Art Direction)
X CAP POS - A flat pack solution for displaying the product in-store. (Structural Package Design & Graphic Design)
FRUIT & BERRY SLICER - kitchen accessory - Efficiently wrapped product, enabled hanging and communicated product function to customer through and animated window for testing the product’s sliding slicer. (Structural Package Design)
FOOD BAG - a soft lunch box - Improved on previous pack by designing feet for self-standing and an eye catching shape. (Structural Package Design)
FOOD SKIN - flexible lunch box - A package insert (domed blister) inside the product, pushes the flexible product skin through a window in the package, communicating product function and creating a tactile experience for the customer.
(Structural Package Design & Graphic Design)
EXPAIN - massage and sensor products - Angled side panels for brand recognition and package windows with accent colour for product display. Each package disassembles for recycling. (Structural Package Design)
PHONE LEASH - leash for your phone - Improved on previous box, by bringing the product out of the package and presenting a phone shape to the customer. Designed package for in-store product demo and recycling.
(Structural Package Design & Art Direction)
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