It started with Made Made By Humans 2 Designs wanting a candle holder that melted…
well at least one that looked that way.

We knew that the candle holder should suit most interior/exterior settings and compliment different table décor. So instead of mimicking melting wax and making an 18th century dripping candle, we decided to approach the design from a more neutral form.
The design is mainly intended for tealights, but also caters to standard tall candles as well. The candle holder has two cavities, a shallower, wider one for tealights and a narrower one for taller candles.
The soft radius on top allows for the illusion that a tealight, when lit, would almost float on “molten wax” in the centre. The curvaceous “drips” around the sides draw the eye down and end in a gentle touch of the table/surface with three of the drips forming feet to support the holder and candle.

Originally we intended the melting wax candle holders to be produced in porcelain. However, during production we encountered severe warping and decided to switch to poly resin.
The melting wax candle holders are available from Made By Humans 2 Designs. They come in red and white.

Go on, melt some wax…enjoy!
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